Calgary 3 gennaio 2019


    The return to the daily routine, offers a pessimistic scenario for Calabria and Calabresi. The last moments of holiday reproduces the reactivation of the departures flow to the realities most developed: those who had come back for Holidays must re-enter to the workplace, students reach academic centers, small towns (re)depopulated, commercial activities resume to lag. It is at times like this that communities feel throughout his grief the depth of the curse of emigration. The family ties are only part of the context: Highlighted back the questions about the future of a generation that cannot stay in its homeland because it offers no realistic hope of cultural development, social and economic. Not a brilliant career then, but the normal way of life.

    In a Region like Calabria, where health loses pieces day after day, in which the offices undergo drastic downsizing, where the manufacturing base is suffocating because there is no market (and the market it is no longer there because there is no more people) , where the ‘Ndrangheta constantly reminds everyone its presents, where highways crumble instead of becoming faster, hope shuts off hour after hour.

    To expect something from the competitions in areas where the policy of cronyism or even amoral familism is prevalent, it nearly “brushes” symptoms of gullibility. Some sectors of the public administration appear as a private property, family monopolistic enterprise . With terms like “meritocracy,” “transparency,” “efficiency “, ” development “, the political class fills its mouth. How much is instrumental and provocative the use them, as evidenced by the facts. Given that even in case of normal functioning of public organizations and institutions the individual path or corporate initiative should be seen as priority opportunities or nearly (if only because it depends at least in part by themselves), the possibilities are oriented on ‘ invent something. The chance, however meager the project could require the (albeit minimal) confidence in the system, in the rediscovery of the sense of community, in the resumption of social values, in cooperation, in sharp change of mentality. The list is evidently constituted by the lack of elements today. People must take note of how serious it is losing, first of all, the best human resources, that here, in Calabria, they cannot find personal and professional satisfaction. It would need a real commitment from everyone, stop whining and focus on the determination to fight. The conditions are difficult, but those who decide to live here has no other way out but to sharpen the teeth and fight.

    Gigino A Pellegrini & G el Tarik

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